introducing Helix Cardia

A Unique Device Approach to Treating Advanced Heart Failure

HelixCardia is based on the concept of helically arranged myocardial fibers that connect cardiac apex to its base, providing a “positive-displacement” in systole and a “suction” during diastole. HelixCardia™ does not have any direct contact with circulating blood, and thus requires no blood-thinning medications (eliminating the risk of stroke and bleeding). Once implanted, the heart remains functionally intact. HelixCardia is percutaneously implantable through a small incision in the rib space, which benefits heart failure patients in stage D who may not tolerate a major open-chest surgery.

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The Helical Heart Concept

The helically arranged structure of a human heart leads to the twisting and untwisting of heart muscle allowing for more energy efficient cardiac function.

Burden of Heart Failure

Heart failure (HF) affects six million individuals costing over $30 billion annually in the U.S. Among these, between 150,000 to 250,000, reach stage D (end stage) failure, but only about 6,000 receive a heart transplant or a ventricular assist device (VAD). Co-morbidities and limited donor supply are the main reasons preventing these patients from receiving a heart transplant. Additionally, most of these patients are either too ill to undergo major cardiac surgery or do not find current VADs acceptable due to the risk of long-term complications (stroke, bleeding, infections). Thus, the only current option for most of the HF patients in stage D is palliative care.

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